1. Is it possible to make a label that cannot be copied?

      Any label can be copied. But we have made a label which has not been copied since the past 15 years. The label is beautiful, does not itch & piracy of the garment can be easily proven from the uniqueness of the label.

      2. What is an ultrasonic cut label?

      Satin printed labels with twin printing are generally stitched on one side & the label is made to hang. (It is not folded). If the label touches the skin, the ultrasonic “cut” eliminates any itching.

      3. Where do I source labels when my variety is large?

      A customer may want size labels in 20 variations. The quantity may also be in a few hundreds. Arrow can manage this complexity.

      4. What is the meaning of a labelling strategy?

      Frenchie brand has a bright red label since years. The brand is recognised from the label. Similarly, The Benetton labels are all green. Their labels speak for the brand. Any garment brand should have a labelling strategy.

      5. What are heat transfer labels?

      Such labels look like a rubber stamp on the garment. They are guaranteed not to itch. But they have drawbacks:

          1. They can be easily copied as the equipment to make then is not expensive. Even a small manufacturer     can copy a bigger brand’s label.

          2. They wash off.

          3. Information on such labels is limited to 2 lines. Arrow believes that a woven edge satin printed label is     superior.

      6. What is better- woven label or fabric printed label?

      This depends on the type of garment. It is best to discuss with us.

      7. What are Pantone shades?

      A company called Pantone has a catalogue of hundreds of shades printed on paper. Each shade has a unique number. If two companies have the catalogue, they can communicate the exact shade by quoting the unique number.

      8. What tests for textile labels are conducted in your laboratory?

      Washing durability-(Standard ISO 105)
      Colour fastness to dry/wet rubbing (Standard 105-X12)
      Colour fastness to hot pressing (Standard 105-X11)
      Colour fastness to water (Standard ISO 105-E01)
      Colour fastness to dye transfer in storage (Standard Modified AATCC163)
      Appearance after dry cleaning (Standard ISO 105-D01)

      9. Should a care label be a woven label or a fabric printed label?

      It should be a fabric printed label.

      10. Is it possible for you to make a care label in several languages?

      Yes. We are currently making a care label in 36 languages.

      11. What is a damask label?

      Damask (dictionary word) is a tightly woven label.

      12. What is a high-damask label?

      It is a very tightly woven label.

      13. Most labels are cut & folded in packs of 500 pieces. Can I get a packing of 100 pcs.

      Yes. But you have to pay a little extra.

      14. Can you print on a damask or fine damask label?

      Yes. The clarity is very good. Do ask for a sample.

      15. Is it possible to do an audit of our existing labels & elastics & suggest improvements in quality, styling & prices?

      Yes. We can do the audit at no cost. We guarantee improvements. Please suggest an appointment.

      16. I want very competitive prices from my label & elastic supplier as I am operating in a very competitive market. How can you help?

      Our expertise is in offering solutions. We can certainly try. We have helped a customer by offering alternatives.

      17. My knowledge of woven labels, fabric printed labels & elastic is not much. Can you train me?

      We regularly train our customers & they have benefited.

      18. We want an un-copyable label/ elastic as we want to fight piracy of our garments. Can you help?

      It is not possible to make an un-copyable product. But, we have made labels/elastics that are very difficult to imitate.

      19. We certainly do not want our labels to bleed/fade. How do you ensure this?

      We have perfected the raw material specifications which ensure colour fastness.

      20. We buy about 500 types of labels. Do you have a b2b site that can inform us about:
      a. Stocks held by you
      b. Images of approved labels
      c. Prices of approved products
      d. Quantities that we have purchased from you in the past 6 months
      e. Courier details of recent dispatches
      f. List of our pending orders


      21. Can you match an exact shade on a printed label?


      22. Which are the successful products made by you? Why are they successful?

      We have made an un-copyable woven label that is unique since the past 15 years. We have made printed name elastics for the first time in India. The jacquard is incapable of bringing out the fidelity that print can do.

      We have mitre-folded a 150 mm label. We have folded a 5mm label too. The labels are unique.

      We make woven edge/soft edge labels that do not irritate the skin. These labels are demanded by most premium brands.

      23. I require large quantities. Do you have the capacity?

      Our doing business together is a matter of trust. We will add capacity as required by you. We have the resources to do so. We have a good idea about the international technology for our products. We are capable of sourcing the correct equipment, spares & raw materials globally in order to serve you better.

      24. I want your experienced salesman to meet me everyday. Is this possible?

      Suitable arrangements can be made.

      25. You may be stocking thousands of labels of different customers. Further, many of the labels may be care labels. How do you keep track of the stocks?

      We have developed an ERP package which is serving us well. Besides the labels, we are keeping about 500 shades of yarn in stock.

      26. What is a substrate?

      A substrate is the substance on which anything is printed; any underlying material. Fabric printed labels can be printed on several kinds of substrates.

      27. Which substrates does Arrow use?

      a. Satin weave substrate (a shiny material; generally white or black. But it can be in any shade.
      b. Taffeta weave substrate- generally white
      c. A damask woven substrate- any shade
      d. Cotton bleached substrate in taffeta or canvas weaves
      e. Cotton grey (un-dyed) substrate in taffeta or canvas weaves
      f. Spun polyester substrate in any weave & in any colour

      28. What are the printing processes?

      The substrate can be printed by off-set, flexography or screen printing processes.

      29. Can a fabric printed label be printed on the reverse too?


      30. When should I use a fabric printed label?

      Generally the care labels should be printed. But one can use a fabric printed label as a main label & size label too.

      31. How many colours can you print on a garment label?

      We can print a maximum of 6 colours on the front side & 2 on the reverse side.

      32. How many colours can you weave in a garment label?

      We can weave a maximum of 6 colours.

      33. Explain the various ways in which you can fold a garment label?

      a. End-fold
      b. Centre-fold
      c. Mitre-fold
      d. End-fold & centre-fold

      34. I want garment labels. How do I decide the design, size etc. Can you help me?

      Buy a label kit. Contact: Bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      35. My requirement of labels is small. Where can I buy them?

      Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      36. Which yarns are used to make garment labels?

      a. Polyester
      b. Cotton
      c. Spun polyester.

      37. How do you count the labels?

      We have a special counting machine, very similar to a currency counting machine.

      38. What is the meaning of denier?

      A unit of fineness of yarn equal to the weight in grams of 9000 metres of it.

      39. What is the meaning of yarn count?

      The yarn count is a numerical expression which defines its fineness or coarseness. It also expresses weather the yarn is thick or thin.

      40. Can you print on a black substrate?


      41. What are the qualities of a good label supplier?

      He should have good systems, knowledge & service.

      42. What are the features of a good looking label?

      The composition, colours, fonts & substrates are important features. Order a label kit. Contact : bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com to see our limited collection of attractive labels.

      43. How many labels should be used in a garment?

      a. The main brand label
      b. The fibre content label
      c. The wash care label
      d. The size label

      44. How important is a label in a garment?

      The label is very important. Imagine two identical shirts – one is with a label & one is without a label. You will realise that you are willing to pay more for the shirt with a label.

      45. My children’s inner garments get mixed up. What can I do to identify each child’s garment?

      You can buy labels with your child’s name. Stitch the label on the garments that get mixed up. Such labels are available. Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      46. I see many T-shirts with attractive badges/emblems? Can I buy such emblems & attach them to my

      Yes. Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      47. I want labels in my children’s name. I want to attach them to his school uniform. Where can I buy them?

      Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      48. I am a manufacturer of garments & want to buy small quantities of size labels. Where can I buy them?

      Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      49. My daughter is getting married. I am worried that her garments may get mixed up with other garments in her husband’s home. What can I do?

      Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com to buy the labels in your daughter's name & stitch them on your daughter’s garments. Such labels are called trousseau labels.

      50. I want to buy grosgrain tapes in bright colours for my children. Where can I buy them?

      Please contact bhadalkar@arrowtextiles.com

      51. What are grosgrain tapes?

      They are heavily ribbed tapes. The weave is unique.

      52. What are button-hole labels?

      You can view the picture at www.arrowtextiles.com. Such labels are woven labels with a slit for inserting a button. Such labels help in branding a garment as the label is attached to the garment button. The brand owner must specify the length of the slit at the time of placing the order.